27 December 2007

Student wins lottery, leaves school | Oddly Enough | Reuters

Student wins lottery, leaves school | Oddly Enough | Reuters: "The Communist Party abolished lotteries in China after taking power in 1949, denouncing them as a practice of decadent capitalists. But the country launched state-run lotteries in 1987 amid market-oriented reforms."

How to Be a Good Teaching Assistant - wikiHow

How to Be a Good Teaching Assistant - wikiHow

[X] : Students: Grade My Picture

[X] : Students: Grade My Picture: "A new photo feature on a student-rated Web site for evaluating professors now allows its users to upload pictures of listed teachers to accompany their profiles.

Taken in the classroom unknowingly via camera cell phones, or uploaded by the teacher�s themselves, users of Ratemyprofessor.com can now put a face with a name, along with their 'hot' or 'not' rating."

09 December 2007

Writing the Dissertation: The Three-Pass Process for Writing Efficiently

This from Dr. Rachna D. Jain of Complete Your Dissertation:

I’m often asked how it is that I’m able to write content so quickly. After all, I support several blogs, several newsletters, and I create products very regularly. So, while I like to write, I know that doesn’t mean everyone else likes to. So, I’d like to share with you what I call the three-pass process for writing efficiently.

The three-pass process depends on a couple of assumptions. One is that you actually know you want to write about or you know what you need to say. The second assumption is that you are willing to draft and let it be imperfect, and the third is that you’re willing to go back and revise anything that you write or create, again at a later time. So, the way the three-pass process works is like this...

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05 December 2007

Fast-food Filmmaker Flings Fatty Facts to Freshmen

This from Stephen Catanese of IUP's The Penn:

...In the turkey-heavy fog of that "tryptophan haze" that follows a decadent, filling Thanksgiving feast, what thoughts typically cross your mind? Sleep? Football? More food? Well, probably not more food - but you're probably not Morgan Spurlock, director and star of "Super Size Me," one of the highest-grossing independent films of all time. Spurlock, who explained his work Monday night to a near-capacity Fisher Auditorium crowd, said he was inspired on Thanksgiving Day 2002 to make the film. Sitting on a couch and watching the news after his meal, Spurlock saw a report about two women suing McDonald's Corp. for damages caused by the fast-food giant's fare. At first, Spurlock said, he found the lawsuit laughable -Ă‚ another example of litigious American society. As he watched McDonalds Corp. defend the quality of its food, however, inspiration struck. "There was a basis for an argument and a contradiction," he said. Spurlock decided...

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01 December 2007

Quarterlife Crisis Hits Many in Late 20s

This from Keturah Gray of ABC News:

...Sara Freedman has recently been dreaming of a life as a country club mom in the suburbs of Atlanta. After four years in the workplace, the thrill of buying "work" pants and standing in the Starbucks line is gone. "I keep thinking I'm just in a rut and I'll grow out of it, but thinking about...

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28 November 2007

Croatian Dead Man Rides on the Tram All Night Long

This from the "Oddly Enough" section of the Reuters News Service:

...A Croatian man who boarded a night tram and died in his seat rode through the city for more than six hours before the driver discovered he was dead, a Croatian daily reported Monday. The 61-year old, identified as Tomislav K., boarded a tram shortly before midnight Friday. He soon fell asleep and died as the tram...

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24 November 2007

Polish Coma Patient Awakens 19 Years Later

This from NPR's Morning Edition:

...Back in 1988, Jan Grzebski was hit by a train. He fell into a coma, and if that wasn't enough, doctors found cancer in the Polish railroad worker's brain. Doctors said they couldn't do any more for him, so his wife took him home. She cared for him for 19 years — until he woke up. She noticed Jan Grzebski trying to talk earlier this year. When he was last awake, Ronald Reagan was...

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20 November 2007

Teaching in the Wireless Classroom

This from Marjorie Perloff of the Digital Humanities Group:

...“If it doesn’t exist on the Internet,” Kenneth Goldsmith, the conceptual poet who founded and administers UbuWeb (www.ubu.com) recently quipped, “it doesn’t exist.” As scholars and teachers of literary and cultural studies, many of us will scoff or at least wince at these words: we define ourselves, after all, as people who read and write books, essays, reviews. Our status in the profession still depends primarily on...

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